Jim Morrison's career in light and technology spans over 30 years. From his early days working with commercial neon, to his current projects working with LED, Jim has continually strived to link technology with Art and design. His artistry moves our attention beyond traditional gallery and studio settings, to much more accessible public venues.

Jim's most notable projects include "A Celebration of Light" on Miami Beach at the Julia Tuttle Causeway entrance, "Enlightenment" at Miami Dade Community College's Medical Campus, and "Onyx" a crown lighting project at ocean's edge in mid town Miami. These installations have clearly established landmark status, a tribute to a city , school, or residential venue. Such interactive elements of energy and visual display between the viewer and his work connect us to the landscape. Whether erected on the side of a building or as a gateway installation, Jim showcases the ability of an artist or designer to connect his art to the environment - a dynamic connection between a community, its architecture, and landscape.

As a New England native, inspired by the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) as a child, Jim has translated his vision of lighting the Miami skyline through his site-specific installations. The utilization of LED technology , gives Jim a medium and material that allows the incorporation of color changing light into his work. His designs create a visual oasis in an area otherwise void. LED diode lighting also provides a unique purpose for an artist to use "green" technology in their works of art - an opportunity to promote environmental responsibility and a climate of concern for nature.

A continual relationship between his installations and their environments are key considerations for Jim when developing his designs. He looks to find the highest potential between the public space and his designs, while taking measures to protect the environment and integrity of his work. Led allows Jim to incorporate energy efficiency while illuminating a visual iconography.

While public art is not a new phenomenon, lighting technology and environmental consideration is a new development in this modern age. Publications such as Art in America, speak to the artistic endeavors of leading artists and designers partaking in the exciting LED repertoire. Jim Morrison is one of those artists leading the way.